Erica McCalman is a creative producer, curator and consultant of Ballardong (Noongar), Irish convict, Scottish and Cornish heritage. With her independent project (Art Oracle) Erica has taught and mentored for YIRRAMBOI and Melbourne Fringe festivals as well as consulted for major arts institutions, independent artists and government agencies. Through Art Oracle Erica seeks to find new ways of working as a producer, developing healthy collaboration methods between artist and institution and nurturing the next generation of First Nations producers.

During her time as Creative Producer of Next Wave she curated Ritual, a series of 16 rituals, ceremonies, and rites from contemporary experimental artists each sunset of Next Wave Festival. Ritual won the Green Room Award for Innovation in Curation and Programming 2018. She has worked for Darwin Festival, Sydney companies Legs on the Wall, Performance Space, Sydney Festival and Performing Lines as a producer. Internationally she has worked with artists from South Korea, Timor Leste and Aotearoa as well as for the British Council managing the ACCELERATE Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership programme.

Erica has participated in the Indonesian edition of the Asian Producer’s Platform Camp, The Festival Academy’s Atelier in Malta and in early 2019 she was a delegate to the Global First Nations Exchange in Lenapehoking (New York City). In 2016 she was the recipient of the George Fairfax Memorial Award for Excellence which allowed her to travel to the UK to research contemporary arts practice within live art organisations, theatres and festivals. Erica is part of the steering committee of the Global South Arts and Culture Initiative (GLOSACI) and serves on the boards of ILBIJERRI Theatre Company and Theatre Network Australia.

Her second favourite ‘F’ word is festival.