Extended School Artist Residency

Promenade Performance - 'Are We Connected?'

Extended School Artist Residency

Forest Street Primary School
26 August 2015, 11:30 AM - 26 August 2015, 12:30 PM

We are partnering with Forest Street Primary in Wendouree, Ballarat to deliver an Extended School Artist Residency. Forest Street Primary is a focus school for Koorie education in Victoria.

The Extended School Artist Residency is a two term performing arts project working with 100 Grade 3 and 4 students to explore the theme of connectedness. Two professional Indigenous performing artists from ILBIJERRI will be residents at the school throughout the project, working with the students to explore the theme “Are You Connected?”. This will include connection to others, nature, community, history and learning.

Working collaboratively with the students and teachers, key artists will workshop themes of culture, community, heritage, identity and social inclusion.

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The Extended School Artist Residency is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and the Real Insurance Real Needs Community Grants Program.




On Wednesday 26th of August Forest St Primary School and ILBIJERRI Theatre Company will present a special promenade performance for parents, teachers and peers to conclude the Extended School Artist Residency.

A one day…one hour… PREMIERE event!

Land of Learning Children

Appearing in…


These children are from grade three/four at Forest St Primary School, Ballarat.

For the last two terms they have worked with enthusiasm and passion as they investigated what it means to be connected.

They have learnt about the traditional stories of the people and land on which they live.

They have travelled to significant places of local interest.

They have met with local people, found out about artefacts and the significance of ochre and symbols.

They have connected to their own abilities to take risks.

They have discovered through expert tutelage that they can in fact dance and that dance tells a wondrous story of what has been and what might be…

They have found that their voices are instruments that can change a story by intonation and emphasis.

They have found that sometimes you need no voice and only deliberate and concise movement.

They have found that you can draw, paint, make and create to ensure your story has a place to be…

They have found new friends in their community.

They have found that they are capable of much more than even they or their teachers thought possible.

They have found a connection to themselves.

MORE INFO: Kamarra Bell-Wykes Education Manager E: education@ilbijerri.trueserver.com.au T: 03 9329 9097

Pitcha Makin Fellaz

For the Extended School Artist Residency ILBIJERRI and Forest St Primary have been collaborating with local artists the Pitcha Makin Fellaz. The Fellaz have been working with the students to build an art installation which will be the set for the final performances.

The Pitcha Makin Fellaz is deadly mob of handsome, easy going, passionate and independent men who come together on a regular basis to write and paint.

This group came together to find a way to co-operatively express a strong and necessary presence for themselves, their community and their history in a place and time where Aboriginal people are still kept away from the centre of things. They have had an extraordinarily productive beginning and wish to move on, and out, with more excellent work in public places, galleries, community spaces and schools.

The Fellaz have filled a gap in the local Ballarat community. There is no other group successfully working in this way, either in art or community in this region.

The Fellaz have:

  • Produced more than 60 paintings ranging up to 3m X 1.5m in size, looking at different issues that range from friendship, food, family, country, mystery, politics and football.
  • A solo exhibition at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Melbourne from which the National Gallery of Victoria acquired 2 paintings.
  • A group exhibition at the Koorie Heritage Trust from which the NGV acquired another painting. The Fellaz broke new ground in this exhibition by working directly onto the walls of the Trust building.
  • Exhibited a painting at the Ballarat Art Gallery as a companion to the Victorian Indigenous Art Award 2014.
  • The Fellaz, with persistence and cogent argument, have successfully altered a policy of Arts Victoria about the nature of collaborative arts practice inclusion into sponsored exhibitions.

“The Fellaz are going from strength to strength BECAUSE they have defined an authentic voice of their own”Gordon Morrison, Director, Art Gallery of Ballarat

CONTACT: Peter Widmer T: 0417126845 E: widmer@giant.net.au P: PO BOX 271, Ballarat, 3353