ILBIJERRI Artist Development Program


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18 February 2018, 10:00 AM - 22 February 2018

Get your work on stage.

Develop your creative skills.

Collaborate with other First Nations artists.

BlackWrights is ILBIJERRI Theatre Company’s Artist Development program. The program aims to create a culturally safe and nurturing space that empowers First Nations artists and supports the development of new First Nations theatre.

BlackWrights consists of two program streams – a Creators Program and a Master Labs series.

The BlackWrights Creators Program is a paid opportunity to develop work with intensive support from ILBIJERRI over a 12-month period. Four successful applicants are currently supported to develop work through the Creators Program.

The BlackWrights Master Labs are a series of hands-on theatre workshops open to First Nations artists and creatives, subject to availability. Registrations for the third BlackWrights Master Lab, are OPEN.Theatre Making Master Lab – Devising/Performing/Directing: with Rachael Maza and Kamarra Bell-Wykes will take place on 18-22 Feburary 2019 at Kensington Town Hall.

BlackWrights is supported by the Australian Government through the Indigenous Languages & Arts Program.


If you have any further questions about BlackWrights please contact:

Laila Thaker Associate Producer

Or give us a call on 03 9329 9097