VIRAL 2018

Are you the cure?

VIRAL 2018

Upcoming Tour: VIRAL will tour again in 2019. Details TBC.

A deadly new show from the makers of CHOPPED LIVER

Ally lives up in the flats. Things aren’t the best right now but she has big plans. She just wants a better life for her baby.

Ally is ready to make a life changing decision. But does she have the strength to see it through? And is her community ready to support her?

If life wasn’t complicated enough, Ally is being filmed for an explosive new documentary. One things for sure – things are about to go viral.

VIRAL is supported by the Victorian Government, Hepatitis Victoria, Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia, Hepatitis SA and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.


Victoria South Australia


Public Performance
North Richmond | North Richmond Community Health
10.30am, Monday 10 September | Edinburgh Gardens Community Room
Brunswick St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068 | map

Public Performance
South Yarra | Thorne Harbour Health
2.30pm, Tuesday 11 September | Positive Living Centre
51 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC 3141 | map

Public Performance
Seymour | Lower Hume Primary Care Partnership
3pm, Wednesday 12 September | Seymour College Community Arts Centre
Corner of Loco Street and Anglesey Street, Seymour VIC 3661 | map

Public Performance
Newtown | Third Stage Productions
7pm, Thursday 13 September | Grace Studios
409 Pakington Street, Newtown VIC 3220 | map

Public Performance
Balnarring | Willam Warrain Aboriginal Association
7pm, Wednesday 19 September | Balnarring Community Hall
3041 Frankston-Flinders Road, Balnarring VIC 3926 | map

Public Performance
Braybrook | Co-Health
12pm, Thursday 20 September | Braybrook Community Hub Sports Pavilion
107-139 Churchill Avenue, Braybrook VIC 3019 | map


South Australia

Public Performance
Cavan | Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia
1.30pm, Monday 24 September | Adelaide Youth Training Centre
26-56 Goldsborough Rd, Cavan SA 5094 | map


Writer Maryanne Sam

Director Kamarra Bell-Wykes

Performers Laila Thaker, Jesse Butler & Blayne Welsh

Choreographer Carly Sheppard

Set & Sound Designer small sound

Costume Designer Jacinta Keefe

Producer Davey Thompson

Production Coordinator Caleb Thaiday

Stage Manager Mary Quinsacara

Community Consultation Facilitators Shiralee Hood & Kamarra Bell-Wykes

Facilitation Consultation & Training Free Theatre